Unisensor is a supplier of innovative bacteria and cell analysis equipment

Unisensor’s innovative easy-to-use optical 4D analyser helps you automate some of the tedious laboratory tasks. Using oCelloScope™, fluid samples can be analysed for:

  • Rapid and sensitive analysis of microbial growth
  • Rapid quantification and determination of cell concentration without staining
  • Visualisation of size and shape distributions of particles in the sample
  • Classification of sub-populations in the sample
  • Analysis of cell viability over time without staining or other treatments
  • Analysis of cell kinetics and tracking of motion path of every particle
  • Automated analysis of very low concentrations of bacteria and other particles

You can use our standard products in the lab, or we can customise your individual solution for e.g.:

In August 2014 Unisensor was acquired by    

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Two new exciting positions are now open, an International Product Sales Specialist and a Linux Software Developer
Unisensor exhibits at the ICAAC 2014 in Washington DC, September 6.-8.
MedWatch has released this article about the acquisition
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